Beta testers wanted(PressSync – WordPress blog editor for iOS)

I have developed a PressSync, and released in AppStore.
But is set at a future release date, it is the state that is not open to the public yet.

Could you tell me your impressions using PressSync?
I will give a promotional code to volunteers.
Overview of the app here.
PressSync – WordPress Editor for iOS

Volunteers, please leave a comment for this post. (Please enter the exact E-Mail Address and blog URL)
Please contact me in English.
I do not moderate comments on this Page. So your comments will not be published.

If you determine that you are using the app, it’s not a useful app, please stop using the app without reporting to me.
I am not good at English, so if you find any mistake in the text, please report to me.

I would like to publish(Tire5) in May this app.

Best regards.

via PressSync



I am a systems engineer freelance. I love digital devices such as smart phones. I make the iOS app by using the spare time.



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