PressSync Version 0.0.2(β) has been released

Release Note.

  • Fixed a criterion in selecting the Img tag in the post screen.
  • blog_title and blog_tagline(blog options) no longer be changed.
    (I tried it as set with the Escape a string, but I could not be updated correctly the blog title that contains the “‘” . I suspect that there is a function to avoid SQL injection in “wp.SetOptions” function.)
  • Fixed a bug in the snippet call.
  • Fixed a bug that can not be delete custom field.
  • Fixed a bug that you can not add the account only up to five.
  • Fixed a bug where the display position of the thumbnail of landscape mode was shifted at post screen
  • Fixed a bug that display was broken, display the contents of the blog button when more than one line.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

There is an upper limit to the payout promotion code. It has been distributed a promotional code on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please do not open the links below no person interested in the application.

Promotional code is here.
Install PressSync
(30 promo codes is included)

If you were unable to install, please contact me if you want to try out PressSync absolutely.

Big trouble is not found in the application, and then publish the Version0.0.2.
The day before the release date, I will announce on this blog again.

Best regards.



I am a systems engineer freelance. I love digital devices such as smart phones. I make the iOS app by using the spare time.



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