Release schedule of PressSync(WordPress blogging app) Version 0.0.2

Overview of the app here.
PressSync – WordPress Editor for iOS

Today, I have applied to the iTunes Connect PressSync Version 0.0.2.
It will be released in about a week later.

Release Note.

  • Fixed a criterion in selecting the Img tag in the post screen.
  • blog_title and blog_tagline(blog options) no longer be changed.
    (I tried it as set with the Escape a string, but I could not be updated correctly the blog title that contains the “‘” . I suspect that there is a function to avoid SQL injection in “wp.SetOptions” function.)
  • Fixed a bug in the snippet call.
  • Fixed a bug that can not be delete custom field.
  • Fixed a bug that you can not add the account only up to five.
  • Fixed a bug where the display position of the thumbnail of landscape mode was shifted at post screen
  • Fixed a bug that display was broken, display the contents of the blog button when more than one line.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

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Beta testers wanted(PressSync – WordPress blog editor for iOS)

I have developed a PressSync, and released in AppStore.
But is set at a future release date, it is the state that is not open to the public yet.

Could you tell me your impressions using PressSync?
I will give a promotional code to volunteers.
Overview of the app here.
PressSync – WordPress Editor for iOS

Volunteers, please leave a comment for this post. (Please enter the exact E-Mail Address and blog URL)
Please contact me in English.
I do not moderate comments on this Page. So your comments will not be published.

If you determine that you are using the app, it’s not a useful app, please stop using the app without reporting to me.
I am not good at English, so if you find any mistake in the text, please report to me.

I would like to publish(Tire5) in May this app.

Best regards.

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NIKE(ナイキ)トレーニング シューズ フリー TR 3.0 メンズ





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USBモバイル電源 QE-QL301 10,260mAh







Panasonic USBモバイル電源 大容量タイプ リチウムイオン 10,260mAh 白 QE-QL301-W
パナソニック (2012-06-28)
売り上げランキング: 1,631

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